ONE. Your story. Your picture.

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ONE. – that is your story, that is what moves you. Your favorite song. Your motto, a quote. One thought, you can’t get out of your system. Told as one page comic, printed on a poster for your wall. The best images go into a book..

ONE. is project, driven by the idea, that I draw a one page comic out of your prompt or story. You then get this picture printed as 50 x 70 cm poster. And sometime in 2017 a book will be published – including the best works compiled.

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Examples of pictures already done

An extensive selection can be found on Pinterest.

This is how it works in more detail

You book the option for €200 and give some prompt. Anything you like. From there on, I let my imagination flow and draw you something out of this prompt. In full color, as a poster. Let’s get surprised. I will be for sure, as I never know what prompt you guys give me.

With the €250 option you also get the original pencil drawing together with the poster.

And for just €350 you get the poster and the original artwork. And you can brief me about your prompt and image. What’s the story behind this prompt? What do you like and what do you what to get worked into the image? Let’s talk about your picture upfront.

Order your original artwork now!

To order your work, please contact me via E-Mail or book directly via PayPal:

You can choose from the following options – also see image below.

Option 1 – Your picture, your prompt – Buy via PayPal for €200

Option 2 – Your picture, your prompt plus original drawing plus #1 – Buy via PayPal for €250

Option 1 – Your picture, your story plus #1 and #2 – Buy via PayPal for €350